About Deborah Clare...

Born and raised in England, Deborah set up her company 'Living in the Light' having developed her abilities over many years as an Intuitive Empath and Clairaudient, to become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, with the aim of helping those going through life's ups and downs.

Having trained at a renowned Academy in San Francisco,

her warm, approachable manner and natural positivity has brought countless clients to her door.


Deborah initially seeks to understand the root of her client's anxieties and fears then creates a bespoke Mentoring Programme which is implemented via a series of sessions.  Client location is never an issue as Deborah works remotely on an effective and personal 'one to one' basis.


With passion and dedication, Deborah seeks to gently guide clients through what she terms as 'their emotional metamorphosis', ensuring that on approaching the final stages of the Programme, they feel a renewed sense of self-empowerment and inner peace, to enable them to move forward and manifest the life they are here to live...

Deborah Clare Walker