*( Not accepting new clients for Packages as I'm booked until 2021! Intuitive Readings are still available, Thank you...)

Package Options...

Re-programming from 'negative' to 'positive'

This package looks at altering the way every day life is perceived and centres around changing the viewpoint, opinions, incorporating specific word strings to increase positivity and therefore 'raising vibration'.  This is closely linked to Neuro Linguistic Programming ('N.L.P')

Time Frame: 6 weeks (One daily assignment)

Package Cost: £595* ($805)

Career Transition - Preparation for the new!

Having made the decision to change career or begin to build a home business, we concentrate on ensuring emotional stability and stream-lined thought processes to create a strong foundation in preparation for this, in order to progress successfully.  We also look at the potential effect of this choice on family & friends.

Time Frame: 6 weeks (One daily assignment)

Package Cost: £695* ($940)

Life after Divorce - A fresh start!

One of the most emotional decisions to make and to 'manage', hence these sessions cover some of the main issues that arise to help the client see this period from a positive stance, as a time of liberation and self-discovery.  This incorporates the main issues faced, centred around the fear of being 'alone', outside influences in the form of managing other family members and childen, financial planning (basic re-evaluation), and looking at ways to embrace a new way of life and re-connect with others.

Time Frame: 6 weeks (One daily assignment)


Package Cost: £695* ($940)

Confidential Support and Advice

If you feel you just need to speak to someone external to your immediate environment in confidence, to gain perspective in your situation, to help organise your thoughts, and perhaps to have an external point of view, I am here...

Time Frame: One 30min call over course of 4 weeks (Skype)


Package Cost: £395*  ($534)

Retainer - Post-Programme Support

Once the Programme comes to completion there will be times when the client feels they need a few more weeks support - to talk things through and to have the Coach there if needed.  There are no assignments given or undertaken over this 3 week period - this is a time for contemplation, to put what the client has learned into practice under the Coach's supervision and guidance.

Time Frame: 3 weeks (Discussions/Q&A)


Package Cost: £395*  ($534)

... It's never too late to start over   and never too late to be happy!...

Bereavement:  Acceptance - Healing - Renewal

When a loved one passes the trauma can bring up a range of emotions.  These sessions help the client accept and heal to come to terms with this last transition of life, reaffirming that though the physical body is no longer, the spirit is alive and is at peace.

Time Frame: 6 weeks (One daily assignment)

Package Cost: £695* ($940)

Intuitive Readings​ - Relationships, Career, Life Path

An Intuitive Card Reading taps into issues, circumstances and occurrences requiring guidance.  Signs and messages from the Higher Self, spirit guides, and the Angelic realm are translated or 'channeled' for the client to help along this journey called life.

Reading options: Love & Relationships, Career & Finance, General Monthly or a Specific Area.

Reading Cost: £95* ($120)

(All readings last approx. 30mins.  Please email me with your date of birth or Zodiac sign, and the specific area you require ie: Love, Career, Family)

Diet - The Psychology of weight loss/gain

When our physical body changes invariably we go through 'ups and downs' emotionally - these sessions delve into the psychology of weight gain or weight loss, touching on self-worth issues, loss of confidence, guilt, psychology of 'dieting', over-indulgence, food addictions and so on, with the aim of creating a healthier and more balanced attitude to food and therefore helping to stabilise weight. 

Time Frame: 6 weeks (One daily assignment)

Package Cost: £695* ($940)

NB: Please note these sessions are intended for those going through general emotional fluctuations in relation to their diet, rather than those who have issues with weight due to medical conditions.  In addition, these sessions are not for those who wish to lose or gain weight, rather needing to understand the reasons behind these issues to prevent future occurrences.

* Please note: All packages are pre-paid in full in advance and are non-refundable.  The client is responsible for their own self-motivation to carry out/complete each assignment given, to ensure the sessions are as effective as possible.

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