Client Testimonials...

"...Deborah, you truly are gifted, and I am incredibly thankful.  I do hope that it helps to shift my life back to its intended course.  I am starting to realize that there are no wrong turns in life. Are there?  But rather, these are lessons that need to be learned. My physical body as well as my spiritual soul have undergone a complete transformation. There were days that I looked in the mirror and I didn't even recognize myself.  I have learned that material things can be replaced, but your life cannot be.  I wanted to let you know that you made a difference in my life, please accept my heartfelt and sincerest thanks.  I will be sure to recommend your services to everyone I know. " 

Michelle, California

"...Hi Deborah, just wanted to thank you!  You are genuine and authentic and helped me so much - finding real true love has always eluded me ... The guidance has been invaluable. Sincerely, Frank." Frank, Phoenix

...Let go of who you think you need to be and just be who you actually are...

"...Deborah, as you know the past 2013 to 2018 had been challenging with my husband. He was in a car accident Sept 11, 2013, then my father passed with cancer stage 4, then my hubby contracted cancer melanoma stage 3.  The sparks we had and closeness went, there was no intimacy.  I started my spiritual journey and reached out to you - your amazing gift, intuition and kindness strengthened me beyond my knowledge and existence.  You are truly gifted and helped me with such grace, I am forever thankful..."

Myrna, New Jersey

"...Hi!  Thank you!  Your style is unique and detailed, I really enjoyed it, Thank you. ️ You will hear from me again for sure. Have a beautiful week. With much love, light and gratitude, Diana."  Diana, Oregon

..."Hey Deborah, when I first connected with you I didn’t tell you everything as I wanted to see if you felt it, and you did. 

I have been in touch with others, however I was drawn to you, you seem to be a beautiful person, with a gentle voice and I loved your video about your Angelic vision.  Thank you again and I will definitely be back..."  Ramona, Roxburgh Park, Australia

"...Hi Deborah, I was really quite impressed, such a happy surprise!  You opened my eyes and my energies regarding so much more than I expected and feel I have risen above the issues now, I have a greater awareness.  I now see light not shadows!  I love your gentle voice, compassion and the way you have of calming people... Merci! "  Roxane, Montreal, Canada

“I embrace now - this moment     - with my whole being.”

"... What can I say?  I Loved it.  Exactly what I needed to hear and I actually can't believe I didn't 'wake up' earlier.   I'm going to work really hard now to keep 'up' - bring on the new beginning!  Thanks so much Deborah, loved and needed the honesty and clarity. "

Hayley, London, UK

"...Wow, you clarified so much.  I've had so many struggles and had to help so many people, that I really had not taken care of me.  But this is my time to start on that path.   You hit on so much, and were so accurate, you gave me direction and a jumping off point, and for that I want to thank you. " Lois, Virginia

"...You were so right, I've moved on and welcome the new.  There are so many new energies and new people in my life and I've been concentrating on myself in building the new that I simply have forgotten about the past. The old me is no more, this is the new me. " Thea, Pennsylvania

"...I have been working on my inner self for a few weeks now ..had a few little obstacles but over came them ... I have learned to listen to my intuition...I am sitting back and relaxing by not stressing or pondering on things that doesn't add value to my well being ...Thank you so much to you for divine guidance Love, light, peace and many blessings your way. " Lorna, Adelaide, Australia

"...When I was stressed and puzzled by events where the immediate direct answer failed to come to mind, you helped me Deborah.  I had no concept that there was an alternative way to seek the answers to my questions!  Thank you! " Joseph, Sweden

"...You were just so incredibly accurate. I'm amazed.  This has spoken to me so deeply and I am so grateful. I have been in hell with a toxic person and I have cut them out of my life with incredible efficiency in spite of how connected I was to them. I feel so powerful and validated and surrounded by positivity.  I feel as though all of my hard work is acknowledged. Thank you. " M Hil, London

"...Your voice calmed me down, and the messages you give, the advice... it’s amazing.  You definitely helped me through this journey. Thank you.  Sometimes I reach out and other people are just so dark and pessimistic.  You definitely are amazingly positive and that helps me because I live and breathe through positivity now.  Thank you so much. " Totoro, Spain