The Process...

Initial Consultation (£75.00 - non-refundable).

Bespoke Mentoring Programme tailoured to client's needs pertaining to a six week programme of sessions comprising four 1hr assignments per week.

Implementation of sessions with Deborah Clare.

Mid-Programme discussion/progress analysis (ie: Skype).

Finalisation of sessions/coaching.  Summary & feedback.

Analysis of sessions/option to commence Retainer Programme.

Booking a Consultation...

To book an initial consultation, please go to the 'CONTACT' page to provide information with regards to your personal situation and a brief outline of how you feel Deborah Clare can help you.

If she feels she can help you, you will be invited to process payment (see below) for your initial consultation (via Skype or Email).  Your consultation will be scheduled in at a mutually agreeable date and time.

Initial Consultation with Deborah Clare: £75 ($100) 30mins

...It's the little things that make life wonderful...!